About The Faculty

In 2005, artist and designer in the industrial sector of the Faculty of Fine Arts was founded to educate, particularly in the areas of design that combines art and function has been configured with the Bauhaus -based understanding of contemporary art.

Our faculty, art and design-oriented, multidisciplinary structure, innovative, technological infrastructure and a strong understanding of student-centered education has. In line with this mission, searching, questioning, country and the world in the fields of culture, art and design contemporary is to train individuals to contribute.

Our faculty academic staff, students according to skill test area with the Department of Painting and Sculpture in the Department of Visual Communication Design is underway. Basic Art Science Department, the basis of the existing programs in the fields of culture, arts education and arts service was founded with the purpose of teaching, not a diploma as part of a service is configured. Department of Photography and Video, Department of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Properties is continuing their work to be configured.

All programs in the first year of our faculty section, arranged to form the basis of art education in preparation for a class in nature. Students, during a four-year undergraduate education through different courses from other departments will have the opportunity to diversify the information. Also, for the artistic culture of compulsory and elective courses, students in the fields of theoretical review and synthesis of the qualities that will contribute.

Our faculty will improve the quality of education as it has all the necessary technological equipment. Within the Faculty, art workshops, classrooms, multimedia labs, photo, editing studios, sculpture - modeling workshop and showroom are available.

Faculty of Fine Arts, the young and dynamic academic staff, undergraduate and graduate level education, providing it is rapidly becoming a faculty pioneer in the field .